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God’s Heart

After some exploration into what God’s heart delights in the last few days, I found myself thinking about a prayer Pastor shared at the beginning of Lent:

“Break my heart for what breaks Your heart, God.”

This phrase, also common among a few popular Christian songs right now, has always hit me in a special way.  Yesterday, as I continued to journal and process what God has been teaching me, I think I finally discovered why…

“Just as we often pray, ‘break my heart for what breaks yours,’ may my heart rejoice in the things that cause You to rejoice.  May it smile at the things that bring You a smile.  May it long to do the things you long to do.”

It’s all about searching the heart of God and desiring that as our own.  And it’s NOT just about brokenness.  To be honest, I think he’s answered the prayer to break my heart for what breaks his heart quite a bit.  If only you knew how many blog posts about have been written and then deleted about the “orphans and widows” so to speak of this world or the pain and hurt I see around me and my pleas to God to come intervene.

Somewhere along the way (or maybe a lot of “somewheres”) I gathered a distorted picture of God’s heart… we all have.  Maybe for some the idea of God being a Father is not a helpful picture because of the abandonment or pain they’ve experienced at the hand of their earthly father.  Perhaps others of us have grown up seeing God as this cosmic judge ready to slam them for any little thing they do wrong.  For me, my distortion comes when I get so blinded by the things that break God’s heart, that I forget that God’s heart also experiences rejoicing and love and peace and grace and hope and … so… much.. more!

I don’t know about you, but I want to see the REAL Jesus… all of his heart. I know that I’ll never be able to understand fully, for He is just too big, but my prayer has become that He’d reveal a little more of his heart to me each day.


Give me an undivided heart, Lord… one that pursues your passions passionately.  Yes, break my heart for what breaks yours, but also teach me to love the things you love, rejoice in the things You rejoice in, go where You go, be content in the things that bring You contentment… FIND DELIGHT IN THE THINGS THAT BRING YOU DELIGHT!

Reveal your heart to me. Amen!

1 thought on “God’s Heart”

  1. This reminds me of something Shane Claiborne said when he visited us. “Find where your passion meets the world’s needs.” I think that often correlates with what breaks God’s heart and what should break ours as well.

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