Grains of Pain

As she makes her way across the rocky beach, sand clings to her feet like the grains of bitterness that have clung to her heart.

Grains of hurt.
Grains of guilt.
Grains of abandonment and limits.
Grains of mistreatment, miscommunication, and misunderstanding.
Grains of use and abuse.

All multiplying with grains of unforgiveness.

Grains so small they seem insignificant. Though, over time, they begin to wear ruff her heart, like sandpaper on her soul.

And as she makes her way to the waters edge and the waves wash clean her sandy feet, she finally forgives.
She lets go.
She lets God’s beautiful grace wash away all the painful grains.
The bitterness begins to fade and her ruffed up heart begins to heal.

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