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24 Years to Celebrate

Dear Doctor,
Do you remember 24 years ago when you told a young couple that their brand new baby girl wouldn’t live more than a couple of hours? Do you remember saying that if she did live that her lungs probably wouldn’t work properly and she’d likely have disabilities and challenges with learning?

Just thought you might want to know that the same girl just used her perfectly healthy lungs to run five miles this morning after using them to sing for about an hour all to celebrate the 24 years of LIFE God has given her before heading off to the awesome job that she got after graduating college with honors last year.

Thanks for not giving up on her when “science” said she had no chance. You see, her God created science … and He created her! He created her for a purpose, part of which she’s still figuring out as she stumbles through each day. But she knows there is one–there must be–because even you were baffled that she made it through ONE night on earth, let alone 8,766. So, thanks again! Thanks for letting God use you to work miracles in that little girl so He can use her to prayerfully do the same for others.

That Girl 🙂

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