NYC Mission Trip

NYC Day 1 Recap – Hippos, plastic forks, and an abundance of cereal

As I settle into my cozy dorm room (and smelly… as all dorms are) at Concordia Bronxville, I can’t help but smile.  In thinking about the ways I’ve seen this team, some members who never met each other before today, already begin to grow and develop since we started this journey 10 hours ago, I truly can’t WAIT for the days ahead of us.

From challenges between cars including writing a rap about hippos (“Hippo! Hippo! Hungry Hungry Hippo!) to asking toll booth drivers for forks… from randomness like asking Siri what she does on her days off, to more serious discussion about illnesses and recent deaths in a family… God is already working in building up this team to serve him.  I have a feeling, that he’s just going to knock our socks off.

Most of all, I’m excited about the extreme amount of laughter that has been shared and pray it continues in all that we do.

Well we’ve got to leave to catch our train into the city in just over 7 hours, so I better get some sleep.  Be sure to follow us in my twitter feed to the right and/or checkout the twitter hashtag #serveNYC to see everyone’s posts. Also check back around 8:00 a.m. for another post about what our plan is for Friday and some ways you can pray for us.

(P.S. Thanks to all the First Trinity members who brought food and supplies for the trip… we barely could fit it all in the van!  What a blessing!  So, Pastor Chuck and Susan, if you see random, unopened boxes of cereal under you van seats when we get back, it’s just because we missed all of our hiding places where we put them to fit it all in!)

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