NYC Mission Trip

Day 5 Wrap Up – And the Journey Has Just Begun

Today we packed up the vans and made a stop at The Wartburg Adult Care Community before hitting the road.  Here we had a blast interacting with residents and sharing Jesus with them.  After our 8 hour ride home, we gathered to end with a devotion.  However, this end, by design was more of a beginning, or at least a part of the process of being able to see, serve, and share Christ in our everyday lives.  The friendships and memories made on this trip will last because we truly are each members of the Body of Christ, a family.

One of the last car challenges (a game we played between the cars with walkie talkies) involved everyone (except the drivers) texting me a few summary thoughts about the trip.  Enjoy reading how lives were changed, mostly OURS:


“Lots of fun. Lots of laughter. Lots of walking. Lots of seeing. Lots of sharing. Lots of learning. Lots of new. Lots of trains. Lots of challenges. Lots of awesomeness!” – Kristina

“This trip has been amazing seeing God work through all the people on this trip and the people we met. The Holy Spirit was with us and I will never forget blowing bubbles, planting tress, and Dorothy as we were the church this week.” – John

“An absolutely incredible experience that changed my outlook on church in such a new and positive way outside of the building.  It was a weekend of love, God, and new friends and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 ” ~ Alexa

“Church is everywhere. I never thought of it like that until I jumped in headfirst in NYC.  I have one word that best sums up our mission: awe-inspiring.” – Jon

“Chilling in the city has never had more purpose.” – Ben

“I loved going on this trip because we not only got to sight-see but we learned what it meant to be the church.  I also loved getting to know and laugh with all the people on this trip.” – Megan

“My view of church has changed. Church is everywhere and this trip has challenged me to look for God in unexpected places.” ~ Anna

“We went into this trip ready to experience the many different forms of Church. We witnessed the amazing work being done at the U.N. and the way St. Paul’s chapel responded to the extreme need that arose after September 11th.  We planted tress, blew bubbles, and wrote with chalk all over the city.  At every stop along our trip, we experienced God’s grace and endless love.  Churches are never perfect and come in a variety of styles, appearances, and denominations. Despite our imperfections we still are blessed to be able to tell the world of a perfect love.  A message the world, and all of us, need to hear and experience time and time again. (see 1 John 3:18)”  ~ Jeremiah

(Bekah and Nate were driving, but think the trip was pretty sweet too!)

We cannot thank all of you enough for your prayers!

Megan, Nate, Anna Jon
Kristina, John, Jeremiah, Ben, Alexa, Bekah

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