Mission Work, NYC Mission Trip

Prayers From Central Park

On Sunday, I, along with a couple other team members on our NYC Mission Trip, had the opportunity to stand in Central Park and ask people for any prayer requests they have while handing out free water.  Even though some were shared in a joking manner out of spite or to mock us for even asking, I’ve included even those below along with the serious requests because, in reality, the people requesting could use the prayer, prayers to know Jesus.  Please join me in lifting up these strangers, including the ones that walked by without sharing.  Pray that our team’s obedience to follow God’s call to simply ask, would leave a mark on their heart and draw each of them closer to Jesus.  From sunbathers who clearly didn’t know much about this “prayer” thing to the Catholic priest on his way home from mass, from tourists from London to the woman who thought she needed to PAY us for her prayer, we were blessed by each interaction behind the requests below and opportunities to share what we were doing and even more so, the God behind it all.

Please join us in lifting these people to God, that they would know the unfailing love of Jesus!

  • Kevin Taylor
  • Xav Lapointe
  • Pray for more people to do good. And be happy w/less.
  • Good luck, love and harmony
  • my dog, Penny has awful stomach ulcers. Please pray for her.
  • World peace and justice for ALL
  • My Children’s health and well-being
  • My granddad died 1 month ago
  • For no smoking in the park
  • For Kristine
  • Good vibes and all the people
  • my brother Conor and his football team
  • Dennis, so that he doesn’t have to use his cane anymore, and his family
  • World peace
  • Brother, Mario and sister, Olga
  • Arthur Baez Garcia

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