God-Sighting Saturday

God-Sighting Saturday

Since moving into a new home at the need of January, I have never quite been satisfied by the lack of obvious place to put coats, purses, shoes, etc. upon entry. There is no front closet and despite my attempts for a few hooks in the entry well, something needed to be done.

Thanks to a few random pins on Pinterest that happened to be near each other, I realized it would not take much effort to remove the door on the closet in my hall which has an extra wide opening and turn it into a welcome nook of sorts. A bench with some shelves and some hooks would provide the exact space I’ve been looking for.

Well, let’s just say my project got more involved by the minute. The original plan was just to get the stuff that was in there out, clean up the scuff marks on the walls, put my hope chest in there as a bench (at least until I found something I liked better), put up some hooks and make a cushion for the bench.

After trying countless ways to clean cat hair off of velvet wallpaper that lined the closet, I decided it had to come out, and the hooks and the shelves and the door.

This is where my God-sighting of the day comes in. In this God reminded me that when He goes to work on an area of my life, he doesn’t just want to add a few colorful pillows and simple pieces of functionality. He truly desires to transform me from the inside out, which means quite a bit of extra work. Stripping away the painted-over, velvet wallpaper of my heart hurts but in the long run, the fresh coat of paint over smooth walls is soooo much better.

Don’t let me settle God for less than your best for me!





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