Heart Changes Can Be Seen In One’s Eyes

When you wake up in the morning and put your feet down on the floor,
When you take a glance there in the mirror and see it a little more.

It’s right there in the subtle smile, seen deep within your eyes
It’s unexplained, undeserved and it weeds through all the lies.

Despite the no-good hair day or mounds of dishes still to do,
No matter how great the challenge your find yourself walking through.

You can’t comprehend it even if you tried so give into the feeling now
Joy, joy, joy it grows inside even when we don’t see how.

The situation hasn’t changed at all but your outlook is different it’s true.
For now You see the greater miracle that in all, God alone brings You through.

He’ll never leave nor will He forsake. It’s just not in His nature you know.
For all he desires is His joy, love, and peace, in your heart to grow.

So don’t try to ignore or walk away from this beautiful gift today.
Just stand and simply say, “Thank You, Lord” and go joyfully about your day.

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