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Reflections on Workcamp 2012 – #1

Every few days over the next week and a half, leading up to our Workcamp Sharing Services on August 11 and 12, I will be featuring some quotes, essays, and thoughts from workcampers about our experience in Wilmington, NC.  Enjoy!


Workcamp Reflection #1 – by Rebekah Freed

Revelation 21:5 “Look, I am making everything new.”

Wow! What a week and what a blessing it has been to see God making things new!  I find it especially neat to think that the things we experienced this week at Workcamp were part of the “everything” Jesus was talking about in that verse.  One (of many) favorite moments of this week for me was on the last day when I was having a conversation with our resident, Joyce, who suffers from dementia.

Most of the conversations we had with Joyce all week were incoherent and difficult to follow.  For example, in a conversation about her dog, she would suddenly begin talking about “those people who were picking things up over there and not over there” and then transition to not knowing where she lived or who Joe, her husband, was.  However, as the topic came up of us almost being done working on their home and leaving later that day, she said with extreme clarity and understanding, “I just love how everything looks so new!”  What powerful words for us who had been discussion things being made new all week long!

I pray that by serving Joyce and Joe in Jesus’ name, they saw His love and his ability to make everything, not just their home, new.  I pray that they respond to His pursuit of their hearts so that one day Joyce’s mind will be made completely made new in heaven with Jesus, the only One who has the power to do just that!

Please join me in praying for Joyce and Joe!


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