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Reflections on Workcamp #5 – Participant Quotes

Tonight and tomorrow morning the 2012 Workcamp Team will share our experiences in each of First Trinity’s Worship Services.  To give a little taste of the impact this had on our students and adults,  read the previous four blog posts and check out the quotes below that the participants wrote on the last day of camp.  Thanks again for everyone’s prayers and support!


“I learned a lot about how to be inspired and to give back to people with whatever you have-no matter how little you had. … I feel like this Workcamp has really helped me to understand that God can help me…” – Kayla

“It didn’t take me long to figure out what God wanted to make new in my life. He wanted to renew my trust in Him…” – Stephanie

“When I arrived at Workcamp… I had little trust for God and little hope for the changes he would make in me…. Inside, I truly wanted to trust Jesus’ promise of making everything new, but I couldn’t find it in me.  … On Wednesday night in the evening program, I wrote down what I needed Jesus to make new on a piece of wood and I sanded the wood until the words weren’t visible.  I felt how smooth the wood was and I realized that God will solve all of my problems and it will feel so good when it happens.  That put a spark of hope in my heart. … My view about Jesus’ promise of making everything new completely changed after [a] conversation [with a friend.]” – Luke

“My faith was made new this week.” – Sarah

“This humbled me, because I know God did make some small things new in me but as the week moved on, I realized that I was part of making a big thing new in someone else.” – Jon

“I was [just] out washing brushes, but if I didn’t, someone else on the team couldn’t do the bigger job I couldn’t do.  It reminded me that nothing is small in the service of God and all things work together for those who love Him.”  – Mitch

“I believe that God truly has made things new in me. I asked him to make all of my relationships new.  So far, I have seen a change in my relationships with my friends and with others in the youth group.” – Student from Crew 25

“I spent the week listening to the verse, thinking about it’s meaning and looking for it to be revealed in, through, and around me all week.  It’s comforting to be reminded that Jesus takes on all things in me that are sinful, broken, ineffective or troubling and uses them, changes them, makes them new for those who put their trust in him.” – Debbie

“It was really cool to build a relationship with God.” – Paul

“We made many things new this week. We made new friends, new relationships and new houses.” – Jacob

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