Bekah's Heart

Sometimes… (Reflections on the last month or so of life)

Sometimes it takes some pressure…

to know when you need to push back
to know when to give in
to see how strong you really are


Sometimes it takes spending time around kids…

to know how to say “Oh, WOW!” at the little things around us.
to remember your laugh
to sit awe-filled with childlike faith.


Sometimes it takes a week of serving others…

to restore your sense of gratitude for what you have
to remember your need to be served
to step outside of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit.


Sometimes it takes time with friends…

to dance, to cry, to laugh, to vent, to process
to remember who you really are
to remember WHOSE you really are.


Sometimes it takes some time away …

to step out of the “everyday”
to gain perspective
to refresh and renew
to commit again.



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