First Trinity

In the Presence of the Author

Last Thursday, I was challenged by someone to read the entire book of Hebrews at least once every day for a week.  I must admit that I have not accomplished this challenge, but each time I have made it through the book, I’ve been left in awe, wonder, and longing to read it more.

I share this not to say that we need to read large portions of Scripture each day, nor to show off, nor that every time we read it we’ll have some grand revelation.  Rather, I say this because in reading these passages lately, I’ve been reminded of how amazing and powerful and beautiful God’s Word is.  How can I have read something multiple times in one week and still feel as if I’m only beginning to grasp the very edges of what the writer is trying to communicate?!?

I also share this as we begin our 40 Days in the Word study at First Trinity, because I think it’s important for us to remember the depth of  God’s Word and the way it applies to our lives so vividly.  Each time I’ve read those 13 chapters of Hebrews, God continues to point out new things and sheds light on His Word through the experiences of my week.

For example, the other night I went to a dinner where people where sharing some “foundations” in their lives growing up, like family, coaches, clubs, churches, etc.  The next day as I got to Hebrews 11, I admittedly went into it thinking “okay here we go again… the “Hall of Faith” chapter, nothing new here… just a bunch of people who lived ‘by faith’.” But when I hit verses 8-10 my attitude quickly changed as I read this sentence: “For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.”  The verses before talk about how Abraham left what was comfortable and familiar to him, likely his “foundation” in order to find a city that had its foundations built by God alone.  This chapter I had read through countless times came alive to me in a new way simply because of a dinner I went to.  It amazes me and reminds me of the verse back in chapter 4 that describes God’s Word as “living and active”.

Another cool piece in reading Scripture over and over and over again is seeing words or phrases that appear repeatedly throughout a book.  My favorite so far in Hebrews is “draw near”, which I’ve found 6 times in the 13 chapters.  How amazing it is to know that our God is not a distant God who wants us to have it all together.  Rather, He invites us to draw near to Him just as we are, confident in his forgiveness and grace.

And one of the most beautiful ways we do this, is to meet Him in His Word.

“Rarely do we have the privilege of opening a book in the presence of the author. When we study Scripture, we have that privilege.” ~ Mike Glenn

Jesus, as we begin this 40 Day Journey to love the Word, learn the Word, and live the Word, may we understand the beautiful privilege we have to be able to connect so personally with you…to stand in the Presence of the Author and have Him tell us why He wrote what He wrote and what it all means.  We are not left alone to figure it all out, but have You as our guide. Lead us through this journey so we can know You more.  Help us not just read the Word but to live it out in our everyday lives so others may know you as well. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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