Bekah's Heart, First Trinity

What lies ahead…

Okay. I admit it.  I’m a “milestones” kind of girl.  For some people specific dates and events come and go just like any other day, but I’ve discovered lately that God uses them in some neat ways in my life.  For example, while I was in the midwest for vacation last month, I drove from KS up to NE for a friend’s wedding.  About 2 hours into my drive, I realized that I was driving on the same road I drove that same August weekend 6 years before to begin my first year of college.  That time in the car proved to be refreshing as I recalled how much God has changed me and made me new in those 6 years.

I often see God using anniversaries, specific places, certain dates or experiences to remind me to stop, pause, and turn to God to let him teach me something about Himself or who I am in Him.  Some are positive like celebrating having been in NY for two years, or rejoicing in another year of life on earth, while others remind of painful times like each September when I remember the awful car accident, or anniversaries of friends and family gone “too soon” from our world’s standards.  In any case, they give chance to turn back to God.  It makes me almost think of the altars God had people throughout the New Testament build.  In giving the instructions, God often said, put these rocks here so that when people, especially your children, ask, you can tell them what I did here.

Well, these moments not only happen for me looking back, but also looking forward.  And as we stand at the beginning of another school year of ministry at First Trinity, I pause and reflect, and also dream.  I take this moment to ponder:

What may God do in this coming 12 months?  As I imagine the endless possibilities, I am humbled and filled to the brim with excitement.  I’m exited because I know that whatever may happen in the year ahead, God is already there. He’s leading the way and walks with us each step.
I’m humbled because I know in the midst of all the exciting things that happen, there will be challenges, difficult days (or months), times of frustration and failure, and moments of despair.  But even in those moments, I will rejoice because we know God is at work in it all.  In the year ahead, people will draw closer to Jesus. Others may hear His call to be His sons and daughters for the first time.  Wounds will be healed.  Gifts will be used to serve.  Relationships will be reconciled.  Freedom will be found.  Hope will be restored.  And for some reason, he chooses US… sinful human beings… to accomplish these tasks.

And so we stand, here at the beginning of a year, and humbled is a good place to be.

I can’t wait to see what you do this year, Jesus!  Keep me focused on you!

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