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Scripture and Song… So Beautiful Together! [God Sighting Saturday]

I am so excited for the 40 Days in the Word study that’s starting THIS week at First Trinity!  Our first sermon in the series was last weekend and the first of the classes started about 20 minutes ago in another part of the building.  I am already seeing God doing amazing things in this for our congregation and can’t wait to see all the ways He shows up in the next 40 days.

One aspect of the study is memorizing a Bible passage each week.  It’s important for us to hide God’s Word in our heart so that it’s there when we need it.  However, some people feel as if they don’t have the skill to do that.  While they are short verses and it would be easy to just tell people to get over the fear and just DO it, I thought of ways that may help people.  I love music and one of my favorite ways (and one of the easiest ways for me) to hide God’s Word in my heart is when it’s put to music.  So, I decided to compose a song with each week’s memory verse so that I could hide it in my heart and if I’m already doing that much, why not share it with others?  So here it is!  Week 1’s memory verse put to music:

(If you’re viewing this in a blog reader of some kind, you may have to actually go to my blog website to listen to the song.)

I had a lot of fun with this first one.  I especially found myself thinking about this week’s method of studying Scripture which is the “pronounce it” method.  In this practice you emphasize and then reflect on each major word in the passage to ponder what that specific word tells you about the passage as a whole.  Through repetition, dynamics, and melody, this emphasis on each word is easy to do through music and I had fun trying to bring out each word in a different way throughout the song. Obviously these songs are going to be short and repetitive because I want to stick with what’s written, but I hope that in the long run, that helps… that these songs get stuck in our heads and we find ourselves singing them throughout the day reminding us of God’s Word and it’s place in our life.  I am also excited about the fact that I may have gotten a few others to join in the composing process for the 6 weeks ahead!  (If you want in, let me know!)

Enjoy and keep your eyes open… God’s going to do great things in the next 40 days! Feel free to share what you’re learning about this verse or God’s Word in general in the comments section.

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