31 Days of Intentionality

What if we decided… {Day 3 – 31 Days of Intentionality}

Surfing through twitter earlier today, this tweet by Beth Moore stood out to me in the light of my focus on intentionality.
Let’s see what today’d be like if we decided to be impossible to offend. Nothing gets heavier over time than a chip on my shoulder. Pr.19:11
It is kind of crazy to think about what that would be like, but we don’t have to stop with being “impossible to offend.” Perhaps I could begin a day deciding to smile at every single person I passed.  Or maybe I’ll decide to refuse to compare myself to others.  What would “today” be like I decided to see myself as God sees me… one created in his image and redeemed fully by His Son.
What if we decided….
What do you need to “decide” to do today?

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