31 Days of Intentionality

Routine Intentionality {Day 4 of 31 – Intentionality}

Every Tuesday and Thursday my preschool-age neighbors attend school where I work.  Most mornings we end up walking to work and school around the same time and being greeted with hugs by two adorable kids who are SO excited to see you always makes for a great start to the day.  Today though, I had to go to work a little early.  As their mother shared when I saw them later, the youngest stood in my drive way saying, “Bekah!” waiting for me to come out.  When he was told I already at work he said, “PLEASE?!?” He didn’t quite understand that even asking nicely wouldn’t make me come out because I wasn’t there.  Thankfully, I got to see him a few minutes later as he passed my office on his way to school, and there was much rejoicing and amazing hugs.

So you may be thinking “Cute story, but what’s this all have to do with intentionality?”

Well, one of the biggest areas where I hope to learn to be more intentional this month is in relationships.  Whether it’s my relationships with my preschool-age neighbors (and their awesome parents) or my peers… my teammates I see everyday or my family across the country… whoever it is, I want to be more intentional with my relationships.

What this morning’s situation reminded me is that often times we can build intentionality into our lives. We can make it a habit to be intentional.   I can intentionally invest in my relationships with my neighbors and their kids as we walk to work/school together a few times a week.  I can be intentional setting up a regular time to have coffee with a friend, or being more consistent in sending family members notes and cards.  While some intentionality comes in the moment by moment seeking of opportunities to live on purpose… other comes in routine.

And generally those types of routines becomes something cherished by all involved (or at least the one on the receiving end of awesome preschooler hugs). 🙂

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