31 Days of Intentionality

Intentional Sabbath {Day 7 of 31 – Intentionality}

I’ve learned and written a lot about Sabbath the last year or so (like here and here).  However, it’s a concept that keeps coming up again in conversation a lot lately.  It can easily seem like an out of date practice, or something only the “crazy” religious people follow. And perhaps I fall into that category, but even if that is the case, I don’t care, because I’ve truly fallen in love with Sabbath.  I’ve been reminded recently of just how beautiful it is. There are plenty of weeks when it is difficult to cease work and striving for that 24 hour period, but every time I do set that time aside, I cherish it so much.

As I’ve been thinking about intentionality the last week, I’ve realized how much intentionality has to go in to sabbath keeping.  In our busy 24/7 world, it probably is impossible for most of us to be able to take 24 hours each week to simply just rest and be renewed, to relax with family and friends, and be restored to our Creator.  BUT, with some intentional shifts in how we look at things, it IS possible.  It means some sacrifice on other days.  It means I have to spend some time before the Sabbath getting ready for the Sabbath.  If my house is a disaster, I will never fully enjoy my time of rest and fellowship with God and others.  If my to-do list is filled with “MUST do”s, I will justify away my sabbath time.  If I don’t intentionally move things that are considered “work” off of my day of rest, they will remain there and I might have to also intentionally move some times of rest off of the other six days of the week.

Yet, like I said before, I’ve found this to be one of the most precious and beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.  I like to think of Sabbath this way: it’s God’s chance once a week to slow me down and remind me who I am… specifically, who I am in Him… as He reminds me who He is.

Sabbath is a time to say, “I trust You with everything.”  It’s an opportunity to clear out all the lies I’ve believed of Satan throughout the week and have Him reorient my focus on Him for the week ahead.

And, like many good things in life, it takes intentionality.

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