31 Days of Intentionality

Colors {Day 18- Intentionality}

It was a pretty normal morning.  Got ready for work, headed out the door, and began my *long* commute (insert sarcastic voice here).  I haven’t ever counted the steps, but it seems as if it perhaps takes longer to walk from the main office to my own office once in the building than it does to get from my front door to the front door of the church (Well, at least by the time I say hi to all my teammates and a few cute preschoolers along the way!)  Most days I’m either engrossed in conversation with one of my neighbors as we walk together or just focused on whatever is waiting for me when I sit down at my desk.

But this morning, as I made my commute, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before… there is A LOT to see in that 2 minute walk.  Especially during this fall season, the colors just in that short distance were innumerable.  There were bushes, still vibrant green at the bottom but as your gaze shifted upward, morphed into a beautiful maroon.  Trees across the road had more shades of orange and yellow than I knew existed.  The bright green grass fit perfectly with the bright blue sky.

And too think, I almost missed it… because I wasn’t going far. I walk this everyday. It’s no big deal. Or is it?

God is all around us.  Open your eyes.

Where might you get glimpses of God in something you pass every day if you’re just intentional to notice?

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