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Ask Me About My Mission {Intentionality – Day 25}

As I was falling asleep last night, I couldn’t help but think of our mission team serving and sharing Jesus in China right now.  At first I was just blown away by the idea that because of the 12-hour time difference, for these next two weeks while we are sleeping here in the US, they’re awake, actively sharing Jesus, and while they sleep, we’re awake.  It just blew my mind.

Every single time we commission missionaries from First Trinity with the sending cloth we talk about how our duty on the mission team is to pray for those who are in China right now, but that they also are praying for us and our mission back here in WNY.  The team away right now may have chances to experience God and His power in ways beyond our comprehension but it doesn’t make our mission here any less important.  We get to see the extraordinary nature of God in the very ordinary and some might contest that it’s even MORE important.

Mission Madness, our one main event for fundraising for short-term mission trips, is coming up a week from Saturday.  At that event we focus on raising funds for trips like the China team, or our annual Haiti trip, as well as youth and young adult mission trips both domestic and (coming in the summer of 2014) international.  If you get to attend this amazing theme basket auction, you will see many of the missionaries that are going out this coming year, along with volunteers for the day wearing bright blue First Trinity Missions T-shirts.  These shirts will also be for sale as part of the fundraising but more importantly as a reminder to each of us that we are called by God to be on mission each and everyday … to point to an extraordinary God in the midst of the ordinary.  We are called to be on mission in our families, workplaces, schools, communities, and beyond.

The back of these shirts has a simple, but bold prompt:  “Ask Me About My Mission.”  Whether you purchase a shirt or not, I challenge each of us to truly think about the mission God has called us to each and everyday.  I’m not in China right now on a “mission trip”, but I’m a part of the mission through prayer and encouragement.  Right now I might say, “My mission is to pray for our team that’s serving in China right now.”  But it goes beyond even the connections with mission trips or events.   Another way to respond if someone were to ask my my mission is simply to say “My mission is to love the people God places in my life each day.” or “My mission is help high schoolers and young adults connect with Jesus in meaningful ways.” or countless other things to which I feel God has called me and uses me for his purposes.

So, stop and think about it for a minute:




Here are some ideas of what people might say:

  • My mission is to be a godly husband/wife/mother/father for my family.
  • My mission is to be the best 2nd grade teacher I can be.
  • My mission is to sweep cheerios up off the floor 4 times a day, deal with toddler tantrums, change diapers and whatever else it takes to communicate the unconditional love of God to my children.
  • My mission is to run my business with integrity and respect.
  • My mission is to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

What’s your mission?  Where has God called you?

I invite you to share your one-sentence mission in the comments below.  If you attend Mission Madness, stop by the booth where we’re selling the shirts and add your mission to the board we’ll have up there… let us all continue to be encouraged by the many ways God uses us as true missionaries to reach His world.

1 thought on “Ask Me About My Mission {Intentionality – Day 25}”

  1. My mission is to fight Lyme disease and to create awareness while doing so, so others do not have to suffer from it!
    My mission is to climb a mountain.

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