31 Days of Intentionality, Prayer

10 years later… {Day 28 – Intentionality}

I’ve mentioned it before, but God really has been teaching me a lot about intentional prayer.  He’s called me in some pretty crazy ways to just STOP throughout my day and seek Him… seek His wisdom… seek His peace… seek His direction and guidance… seek His love and grace.  He’s pointed me to intentional prayer through His Word, through a couple books I’m reading, through some conversations with friends and teammates, through sermons and more.

Today, I got to see a little bit of the outcome … a little bit of WHY God calls us to be intentional about bringing our lives before him.  It came in a text message from a friend who has been praying for 10 YEARS that her father would know Jesus.  Today, a piece of that prayer was answered as he went to church this morning and, quoting her text, “he said he liked it!”

While I’m certain that her dad has a ways to go, what a beautiful reminder to not only be intentional in prayer, but persistent… even over the long-haul.  You never know when the day might come that God decides it’s time in His plan and way to answer, “YES!”

Please join me, and my friend, tonight in continuing to pray for her father! 🙂

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