Partial Obedience… {Day 29 – Intentionality}

Earlier in this series I mentioned a few things that God was teaching me about obedience.  This concept has been so present in my life the last month or so that I might as well have been writing a co-series alongside the one on intentionality about it.  It seems to pop up EVERYWHERE lately.  Tonight was no exception as I was reminded of Saul in the Old Testament and how in one particular battle God told him to completely destroy this one town.  He decided to spare a few of the people and thought he could just make a sacrifice to God instead and it would be all fine and dandy.  Not really.  The person reminding me of this story then said, “Partial obedience is still disobedience.”

Man, this hit hard as I think about areas where I “mostly” obey God or I feel like I do “good enough.” Now God understands our sinful, fallen state; that’s why He sent His Son Jesus … to save us in the midst of our pitiful, sinful, broken, imperfection.  But he also knows that He has placed His Spirit inside of us to lead and guide and even strengthen us for the impossible.  How often, though, do I intentionally choose to only partially follow God when He’s given me everything I need to follow Him fully?  We say, “I’ll do this part, but you’re going to have to find someone else for the rest.”   Or, “I know you told me _____, God, but doesn’t this seem just a little better?”

God, help me to obey… FULLY.  Remind me to be intentional to listen to the Spirit’s guidance and turn to Him for strength.  Because while we see many examples of disobedience and fallenness in your Word and in the World, we also see that when we walk in Your ways, there truly is blessing in that.  You’ve made us and you know how we work best.  You know how all your plans and ways fit together and there is no greater joy we could experience than when we walk in those ways!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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