Answered Prayer

This afternoon as I looked through my journal for some notes I took a while back for some ministry stuff, I came across this prayer from back in September that sat at the beginning of about 11 pages of pouring out my heart to God.

I don’t know how to come to You today Lord and so I just come.  More than anything I long for my desires to be Yours alone and yet sometimes if they could be farther away.  I wonder if my longings are just the opposite… that what I’m REALLY asking is for You to change Your desires to match mine.  In the core of my being, that is the very last thing I want, because I know that You not only know, but also truly desire, what is best for me.

What struck me about this prayer in re-reading it today is that I saw the very thing I prayed for happen yesterday.  As I was talking with God about something, suddenly, my prayer shifted.  In a moment, without realizing what had happened, a prayer that I have been lifting up for months, perhaps even years, was changed.  In that shift, I saw the above prayer being answered and peace entered.  I saw God strip away my own desire and replace it with His own.  He really does know what’s best for me and sometimes it just takes me a while to see it.

What prayers have you seen answered lately?

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