First Trinity, Mission Work

That Just Happened

I keep trying to write blog posts about our trip this weekend and I just keep finding myself sitting here asking, “Did that just happen?”

And keep reaffirming that it really did.

In just 8 days of preparation, God gathered 21 people connected with First Trinity to drive over 800 miles round trip and join up with hundreds of others people to work on over 60 homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. It happened.

The floor of the home we’re working on came up… All 6+ layers…. One at a time… Sometimes easily… Sometimes not as easy. But.. it happened.

The conversations between teammates and the relationships built…They happened.

The chances to share our faith both in deed AND word… they happened.

The crazy jokes and laugh-till-you-cry moments… they happened too.

The tears rolling down our residents’ faces as they saw Jesus … In US!Yep… they happened.

The texts and emails that are currently causing my phone to explode with eager questions from the missionaries of when we’re going back…. It can’t be soon enough… It’s happening.

All of it. And more I don’t even know of… By the grace and will of God alone…


All praise and glory to Our God who makes things happen!


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