Hope Restored

God is God and I am Not {Hope Restored Series}

Today’s story of HOPE RESTORED comes from Josh D., a high school student at First Trinity.   The verse he wanted to share comes from 1 Samuel 3:18,

“He is the Lord, let Him do what is good in His eyes.”

Here is why Josh says this verse restores his hope:

This verse has given me hope everyday in my life since I heard it, which was back in sixth grade. This was Eli talking after he had been told he will die a brutal death along with his children, and I know it wasn’t God saying it, but the fact that Eli could get such news and still have faith that God will do what is the best thing to be done just gives me hope. Every time I’m afraid or worried, I think back and say this verse over and over in my head, because I know for a fact that He is the one true God, and He will make happen whatever He thinks is the best possible thing to happen in a given situation. That’s why I rarely stress or worry about anything, because I know God will take care of it and whatever happens is what is rightfully deserved and needed to happen!”

God’s ways are so much better than we could ever imagine.  How does this restore hope for you today?

Side Note: After this was already scheduled to be published, Josh just sent me another story of restored hope that just happened this week! Check back in a few days for a story of God doing amazing things in and through the life of a high school boy from Tonawanda, NY!

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