Hope Restored

A Little Gift for YOU this Christmas {Hope Restored Series}

As I was unpacking all my Christmas stuff this year, I came across a song I began writing last year about this time.  I couldn’t remember the music but so many of the words (below) fit SO perfectly with the theme of “Hope Restored” and it even mentioned restored hope at one point in it.  I couldn’t help but finish it!  So I took the lyrics I had written, adapted them to a new melody, and it’s now available right here for you to download and enjoy this Christmas season.

Hope IS here… in the form of an infant King who has come to save YOU! Enjoy!

(Feel free to download it.  Also, if you’re reading this in a reader, you may actually have to open my blog for the music player to show up.)

Hope Restored

Open your eyes and see the king; He is coming
A newborn baby in a cattle stall
Prepare the way as our infant King comes to save us
See him living, see him die for us all

Open your ears and hear the king; He is coming
Hear His cry from the manger to the cross
Prepare the way as our Loving King comes to save us
Hear his compassion as he calls out to the lost

Hope is here; He came to save us
Hope made new, when all hope seemed lost
Hope comes true in our King there in the manger
Hope for me, Hope for you

Open your mouth; declare the way, He is coming
Tell every one about our Savior from above
Prepare the way as our Faithful King comes to save us
Speak of His life, His hope, His truth, His love (Chorus)

Open your lives and know the King again is coming
Hope is restored amid the darkness of our heart
Prepare the way, our Victorious King comes to save us
To make us holy, set us apart (Chorus)

Copyright 2012 – Rebekah Freed

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