The 3: What I'm Learning...

The 3: January Edition

A couple months ago I started a monthly-ish series called “The 3” , a series geared to make me stop occasionally and really think about what I’m learning. Sometimes the lessons are what God’s teaching me in my personal relationship with him, sometimes it’s professional learnings, other times, it’s basic skill around the house. Here’s my current “3”:

1. Friends/Teammates ROCK!
God has blessed me throughout my entire life with some awesome friends and people to work alongside. Lately, he has continued to overwhelm me with encouragement through both new and old friendships. It is great to have people in my life to laugh with and hang out with, as well as people who pray for me and with me and aren’t afraid to throw some truth in my face when I need it. I’ve been learning to actually let myself depend on other people and am discovering daily the beautiful blessings that come in walking through life together with others.

2. Parents ROCK!
I seriously have the best parents ever! They’re AWESOME! I also have gotten to witness some amazing people around me parent their children and I have to say YOU ROCK! I don’t have children of my own but I have an ever growing appreciation for those that do and I just want to encourage you. You have a tough job and you’re doing great! This carries over into the work realm as it seems everywhere I turn lately there have been discussions about parent and family ministry and the importance of parents in the faith growth of their children. In a webinar I was in today they shared the statistic that kids are 300% more likely to stay connected with Christ after high school if conversations about faith were a regular part of their home life. 300 PERCENT! That’s incredible. Parents, you’ve got a big job, but you’re not alone!

3. God ROCKS!
More than anything the last month, I have just been blown away by God’s presence and guidance in my life. I took a trip to California for a conference and to visit family a couple weeks ago, and I can’t even count the number of opportunities I had to share my faith with people or pray for people. God consistently was answer prayers and showing up all around me. He’s been providing what I need when I need it even when I don’t realize I need it. He’s been showing up in His Word, in people, in silly little things that probably mean nothing to anyone else. Yep. I’m (re)learning right now how much God ROCKS!

What are three things YOU’VE been learning lately?

Just a FEW of my many rockin’ awesome teammates and friends:





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