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Satan is a Jerk: Pray for each other!

The brokenness of this world is real. Some of the walls I’ve put up to keep myself ignorant or naive have recently been shattered, and I can’t deny the truth of this verse any longer:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” (John 10:10a)

There is nothing I can do to change this truth, but I can fight in prayer for protection against it. Satan is just a bad guy. That’s all there is to it and ignoring the reality does nothing… except perhaps let the destruction continue even more. It especially breaks my heart to see the way Satan attacks young people today.

He comes to steal. He steals their innocence and their value. He comes to steal the precious gifts God has given them by tricking them into thinking he’ll give them great gifts in return, only to walk away leaving them broken and empty handed.

He comes to kill. He kills their spirit leaving them hopeless and afraid. He murders relationships, then piles on the guilt. He kills their dreams and fills them with regret.

He comes to destroy. He destroys their families. He destroys their purity. He destroys their joy and love. His greatest mission and desire in life is to destroy the lives of God’s children.

It’s a harsh but true reality: Satan is a jerk! That’s why I’m SO thankful that Jesus doesn’t stop there at the first part of the verse; He continues on saying:

“… I came that they might have LIFE and have it abundantly!” (John 10:10b)

And this is where I find hope in the midst of the harsh reality I shared above. Jesus came. And Jesus still comes. Jesus, the King of Kings is the one who can and does stands up to the Jerk of all Jerks. Jesus is the one that says, “THESE KIDS ARE MINE AND YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM!” Jesus came to give us full, abundant, joy-filled lives. He came to replace what Satan stole with the most amazing gifts. He came to resurrect all that Satan as murdered. He came as the Restorer of all that has been destroyed.

So, as I pray this abundant life in Christ over the lives of the young people around me, I invite you to do the same for the young people around you! Pray that their value and worth would be found completely in Christ. Pray for protection against Satan’s stealing and killing and destroying and courage to walk away from his temptations to lead them that way. Pray that God’s resurrection and restoration power would be known in their lives. Pray that they would find great joy walking with Jesus, the One who came to give us a life better than we could ever imagine or dream… an abundant life!

by Jill Davis

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