Anna's Story, The Exodus Road

My Friend Anna…

Today, as part of my commitment to blog for rescue, I wanted to begin telling you the story of my friend, Anna. While Anna’s story I’ll write about here on my blog is fictional, the events of her life are reality for many in the world. Anna’s life represents one of the 27 million slaves The Exodus Road and other organizations seek to rescue from the horrific reality of human trafficking. Anna could be your daughter or sister or friend. Anna could be you. Each Monday, we’ll get a glimpse into Anna’s prayer journal and see how easily someone can find themselves trapped in a horrible situation with no hope for rescue… but hold on Anna, RESCUE IS COMING!


Anna’s Story: Part One – Sold and Trafficked – St. Petersburg, Russia

February 18, 2013
Dear God,
Well, I turned 15 today. Part of me wants to thank you for those 15 years of life. The other part is just filled with worry of what the years ahead will hold. But anyway, it was a good day! Mama even managed to take some time to have a small celebration with me, Marta, Ruslan, and Liza before heading out for work tonight. We didn’t have much to celebrate with, but ever since I started working at the bread shop 2 years ago, at least we have food on the table most nights and we thank you for that God.

Be with Mama tonight, God. I know I pray for that every night, but worry about her so much. I worry what the men will do to her; even worse, I worry that she won’t find enough men who want her and then she gets in trouble with the owners. Does she really think I believe the lies she tries to use to cover up what she does? I see the bruises. I see the pain in her eyes each morning when she comes home. I guess I should be used to it by now, but I feel like there must be a better way. I trust that you love us, Jesus, but sometimes it’s hard when I see what mama goes through. I also worry so much for my younger siblings. They won’t believe the lies much longer either, especially Marta, she’s old enough to start putting the pieces together. Soon she’ll probably have to go out and find a job as well. I had to give up my dreams of going to college, but I don’t want her to have to too. God, please, show me how I can help. There has to be a better way. Help us, Jesus. Help me find a better job to be able to help my family!

Well, I should probably go check on Liza and Ruslan. Keep us safe tonight God and bring Mama home safe as well. Bless the next year in my life and thank you for one more day to be alive.
In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen.

February 21, 2013
Oh Papa! As you know, Mama had a bad night last night. She couldn’t even pick up little Liza as she ran to give Mama a hug when she came home this morning. Something has to change. She can’t do this any more. Pastor always says to pray big, bold prayers. So God, I ask tonight for you to give me another job, one that makes more than the one at the bread shop. Mama can’t keep doing this night after night and as the oldest I need to do more. So give me a job, Jesus. In Your Name I Pray, Amen.

February 24, 2013
Could it be true?!? Are already be answering my prayers for something more I could do. It was just two days ago when I asked for a better job, one that would give us enough money so Mama wouldn’t have to keep going out night after night. And there it was, on my way home from church this morning, the sign in the window of the store:

Nanny’s Needed!
Includes a Free Trip to America
Pay: $1000/month

I couldn’t believe it God. It seems too good to be true, but I know how to take care of kids I’ve taken care of Marta and Ruslan and Liza since papa left. I’ll be a great Nanny. And I’ve always wanted to go to America. And the money… Oh Jesus… with $1,000 a month Mama could quit her job and move with the children to a safer place in town. She could get the medicine she needs for all the illnesses she’s gotten from having to sleep with all the different men each night. She could get better! And maybe I’d be so good, I could get a raise and then bring them all to America to live with me! I can’t wait to tell Mama when she gets home! Keep her safe tonight, Jesus. In Your Name I pray, Amen!

Come back next Monday for more of Anna’s story.

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