“Grace Me, Jesus!”

Oh how the prayers have changed.
Beginning Lent with some danger and some risk.
And that’s how it should be.
Daily praying for courage to pray bold prayers of
“search me”
“stretch me”
“break me”
“use me”
and more.
Prayers to build trust in the One who alone is trustworthy.
Prayers to break trust in the things that will break mine.

And these prayers were answered.
The pot was shaped
and shaped again…
And the Potter’s wheel continues to spin…

But the prayers have changed.
These seven all wrapped in one:


Grace me, Jesus!
For grace alone I need.

Grace me with your Presence, for in that place is fullness of JOY.

Grace me with truth. I am beloved. I am free. I am whole.
By the grace of God, I am who I am.
A chosen child of the Great I AM.

Grace me with even more grace.
For grace makes whole.
And grace builds up
And grace speaks truth even when it’s tough.

Grace heals wounds, and turns them into scars
To show off to His glory with no room for shame.
Grace ignites passion in places it was lost
And restores joy stolen by the Evil One.

Not duty. Not expectation. Not fear. Not worry.
Just grace.

You will fulfill your purpose for mein grace.

So as Lent comes to an end and the Easter journey begins,
my song grows stronger
as I sing the hymn He’s created just for me…

A new song
A joy-song
My life song



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