Maundy Thursday Reflections

Based off of part of my grace story that I had the opportunity to share last year on Maundy Thursday.


“The specific details of each of our stories differ, yet they carry a similar theme: one with brokenness, pain, hurt and confusion intermingling with the joy and celebration in our lives. It’s all part of an even greater story… one in which our Creator God looked at his children and couldn’t bear to see them live in brokenness forever. So just over 2,000 years ago He became man and after 33 years of living through many of the same trials, temptations, pain, and hurt that we live through, he sat at the same table that we come to tonight.

He gathered with his closest friends and said, “Soon, my blood will be shed and my body broken. Take, eat this bread; it is my body. Drink this wine, it is my blood.” And a few hours later, it happened. His body was broken and his blood was shed

For us.
For forgiveness.
For strength.
For hope.

… Our massive, huge, Creator God makes himself small enough to enter in us through bread and wine offering forgiveness, strength, community, and hope.

…So as we gather at this table tonight…we gather comforted and reminded that one day we will gather at a similar feast that will never end. And when we come to THAT heavenly table, it will be all about celebration because there will be no more pain, no hurt, no brokenness… just forever joy in the Presence of our Heavenly Daddy! And until that day, he’ll continue to give us the strength, the community, and the hope we need each moment of every day!”


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