Anna's Story, The Exodus Road

Hope {Anna’s Story – Part 3 – Rescue is Coming}

Anna’s story continues today with the beginning stages of her rescue. This part of her story (and the part we’ll read next week) is based off of two other documented rescues from organizations who work to save those trapped in human trafficking (Sarah’s story and Minati’s Story). Because I’m writing from Anna’s perspective AND because organizations have to keep a lot of their investigation techniques secret for safety reasons, it is difficult to convey how these rescues actually happen. To find out more about the actual way raids and rescues happen, please check out The Exodus Road or Indian Rescue Mission, a partner of The Exodus Road who is making huge strides in rescuing girls in India.


March 13, 2013

It’s only been a few weeks since I left home, but it feels like years. I try to make myself look happy and healthy for the clients to please the Madam, but it’s getting harder and harder. I can’t really eat. Even if I’m given time to sleep in between clients, I never really do. The workload just gets more and more the longer I’m here and the longer I’m here the less I feel like a person. Some of these girls have been here YEARS. Many of them now think that this life is just fine, they’ve given in to the fact that there’s no way out. Maybe that’s just the best way. I want to maintain hope, and God, I’m convinced that only you could save me, but I’m beginning to wonder if you ever will.

March 17, 2013

God, it’s so lonely here. While I want to give up hope that You are the good, faithful God I grew up learning you to be, I hold out hope if for no other reason than you can hear and understand me. The only other girl that spoke Russian has been transferred somewhere else and I have no one else to talk to. Thank you for being my friend. If you’re real, then be with me tonight and be with Mama and the kids. I know how much they were hurting financially and for Mama, physically when I left and that was when I was there to help them. Provide for them.

March 20, 2013

Something really strange happened today. After a few particularly rough clients, I figured the new ones coming in would take one look at me and pass me over, but one man, who seemed different from the others, picked me anyway. If that wasn’t weird enough, when we got back up to my room, he didn’t force himself on me right away. He didn’t even want ANYTHING from me in return for his money. I don’t understand it. He got on his phone and the next thing I knew I was talking to a woman in Russian… someone who knew my language! I didn’t really say anything to her as I was scared of what might happen to me. I said what I knew the owners would want me to say and even tried to say it with a smile to convince the man, but it was all I could do not just cry out for rescue. I don’t even know who to trust, but the woman tried to assure me over and over again that the man was there to help me and not to hurt me and that I could trust him. Give me wisdom God. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but maybe this is it? Maybe this is where rescue can happen. I didn’t tell him, but I’m tell YOU now, God. PLEASE RESCUE ME! If nothing else, please send that man back, he was so kind to me and after the phone call he just let me lie on the bed and rest while he sat on the chair for the rest of the hour.

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