The 3: What I'm Learning...

The 3: March Edition – GRACE ME!

So, I know it’s already April 9, but I wanted to go ahead and share my “three” for March… three things I’ve been learning or re-learning in life.

1. I am called. Many days I don’t understand it.  Some days I don’t feel good enough for it.  Other days I feel slightly more confident.  Everyday, I am grateful.  But no matter what I feel or understand or don’t understand.  This is true: God has called me as his daughter and he LOVES me.  The same is true for you.  He also has called me to trust Him and share Him.  This is a beautiful GRACE-filled, joyful calling, not one of duty or obligation.

2. Grace ignites passionate work. This flows out of learning number one, but as Ephesians 2:8-10 show us… it is not by works we are saved or do anything.  The grace of God alone prompts us, sustains us, leads us, and fulfills the purpose He has for us.  We are created as God’s workmanship to do the work he has set before us each day, and we are able to do that through grace alone.

3. Laugh! This is a repeat from October’s Three, but I’ve definitely been re-learning it: LAUGH!  A Lot. Whenever you get the chance. Just because. Why not? It makes life so much better. :)


What have you been learning or relearning in life lately?

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