The 3: What I'm Learning...

The 3 – April Edition

It’s been too long. Sorry, blog friends. But I’m hoping that this post will kick start me and get me back on track with blogging at least a couple times a week. It’s time for April’s Edition of “The 3”!

So here it is… Three things I’ve been learning and relearning this month:

1. Family is amazing!
Near the beginning of this month I got to spend 5 days in Kansas with my family celebrating birthdays, homecomings, and just life. I’ve also started skyping often with my awesome cousin Allie in California who I reconnected with while in CA in January for a conference. Between these opportunities (and the normal phone calls, texts, and emails) I’m reminded of the amazing gift of family and truly love the joy they bring to my life. (Not to mention my amazing NY “family”)


2. Ministry LIFE is hard. God’s grace is sufficient.
This month had plenty of ups and downs for me when it came to ministry. Nothing bad really happened ever and there weren’t any particularly rough situations… Just plenty of chances to relearn humility and my great need for grace… to remember I CAN’T do this (or anything in life really) in my own strength. It’s all about trusting Jesus and HIS strength which is more than enough for each day.

3. Trusting God’ leads to a much more beautiful life than ‘Pleasing God.’
This definitely ties in with the lesson above, but became vividly clear while reading a book my friend suggested to me called, “The Cure:What if God Isn’t who You Think He Is and Neither are You”. I can’t say enough about how amazing this book is! The grace and freedom found in Christ is described in a way so much more tangible and amazing than I’ve ever heard before and it comes down to the simple difference between living a life trying to please God and living a life of trusting God. The same trials and suffering are present in both mindsets, but to trust God brings a whole lot more peace and joy in the midst of the struggles!

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