The Exodus Road


This picture gives me goosebumps:

These 100+ girls and young women (including approximately 30 minors) were rescued today from a brothel in India.  This raid was funded by The Exodus Road, an organization I blog for in support of their efforts to do just this: rescue those caught in human trafficking around the world.  This specific raid was headed up by their partner, India Rescue Mission.

A tagline we often use in blog and twitter posts is “Rescue is Coming.”  Well, for these girls and young women, RESCUE IS HERE!!! I just can’t get these girls of my heart and mind today.  In this picture the police are beginning the process of identifying the victims in order to charge the brothel owners who were arrested.

For many rescued, these first hours are very scary.   Pray for them that they would sense the peace of God and know that they are now safe.  Pray also for whatever happens next with them, that they won’t end up right back in a similar situation.  Pray that the information they share leads to even more raids and rescues.  Pray for the investigators who have been preparing for this raid for weeks.

And let’s take a few minutes to PRAISE GOD for His physical rescue of these girls, and the spiritual rescue He offers all.




This is why I blog for rescue!


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