Doubt {A Confident Heart}

About four weeks ago about 30 women, myself included, began a journey through a book by Renee Swope called A Confident Heart. What a beautiful journey it has been. I was originally hoping to blog each week through the journey, but obviously I’m a few weeks behind already. Better late than never, though, right?!?

As we began the journey we simply explored what it means to have a confident heart and what keeps us from living in confidence. One of the biggest challenges is self doubt. We say to ourselves “I’m not enough” or “I could never do that” or “My life is too messed up to be used by God.” Each of these, lies from Satan. Each of these, tactics He’s used since the beginning of the World to instill doubt not only in ourselves, but more devastatingly, instill doubt in our Creator God.

We were not created with doubt. Check it out for yourself in Genesis 1-2! As you read through those chapters you’ll discover so much about how we were originally designed. Here are a few that stand out to me:

  • We, as humans, were created in perfection.
  • We we created with complete provision and protection.
  •  We were created with a purpose.
  • We were created in a personal relationship with God himself.

Then the stupid snake entered the picture. “Did God really say….” Instilling doubt. Adam and Eve fell for it and so do we.

“Did God really say you’re good enough to be a mom?”
“Did God really say you could be loved after all that you’ve done?”
“Did God really say He’ll always be there for you; where is he now?

And we doubt. And we struggle. And we live in insecurity, a place we were never created to dwell.

But even from that first moment, when Adam and Eve stepped outside the protection and provision, and will of God, He’s been on a mission to redeem and restore.

“But The Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”

And He begins to replace the lies of Satan with His truth.

“Who told you that you were naked?”

And He comes to us each day to do the same. To seek us out when we’re hiding in our shame. To remind us of who we really are and help us live joyfully in that abundant life. To strip away the lies of Satan and restore them with beautiful truth. And has He does that, we grow to have confident hearts. Hearts that take God at His Word. Hearts that respond to Satan’s “Did God really say…” statements with a courageous “YES! Yes, He did! Now back off buddy!” Hearts that rest in grace rather than hide in regret. Hearts that become radiant and invite others into that confidence as well.

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