Bekah's Heart

3 Years

It’s been 3 years.


3 years since I drove into NY for the very first time in my life.

3 years since I set eyes on First Trinity Lutheran Church.

3 years since I met my amazing teammates.


3 years of joy and sorrow; frustrations and celebrations.

3 years of learning what it means to be a DCE, a teammate, a friend, a long-distance family member, a woman, and most importantly, a beloved child of God.

3 years of trying my best to bring glory to God in each day and get out of the way of His work.


3 years that have flown by fast and in other ways creeped along slowly.

3 years that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

3 years that have truly changed me for the better.


3 years filled with  lost sleep at lock-ins, lots of laughter with teammates, and late nights at Lifegroup!

3 years filled with mission trips and movie nights; fun times with friends and high-rope adventures.

3 years filled with so many blessings I wouldn’t be able to count them if I tried.


Thank you God for these 3 years!


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