Crossroads, First Trinity, Mission Work

2013 Workcamp Prayer Guide – Day 5

Today’s Theme: “Why do you doubt?”
Even Jesus’ closest friends had doubts. When Jesus asked Thomas, “Why do you doubt?” he wasn’t asking the question with a scolding, wagging finger, but rather with a heart that wanted everyone to know that he is our security in the middle of our doubts. On this day, we’ll take our doubts to Jesus and discover that we can be sure in him no matter what. (John 20:24-29)


  • Pack tools/lunch/Morning program
  • Work at work sites in the morning
  • Group Free time around Hastings/Grand Rapids
  • Dinner to celebrate our graduating seniors
  • Evening Program and FT Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray for the progress on our sites and for our interactions with the resident(s).
  • For a fun, safe time during our Group Free Time this afternoon and that in this time we would be witnessing God’s great love.
  • For our seniors as they wrap up their last Workcamp experience, & that God would help them transition into whatever is next for them.
  • That God would bring to light the areas where we doubt Him and set us free from that doubt
  • We’re probably getting pretty tired by now; pray for renewed strength and energy

Pictures from yesterday:






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