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Workcamp 2013 Reflections: God-Sightings

A God-sighting is a place where we see God at work in and around us. Each day we took time in evening programs, crew devotions, and/or youth group devotions to stop and share where God was at work. Here are some of our group’s favorite God-sightings from the week:20130801-070820.jpg

“I was in the cafeteria talking to another workcamper who said ‘I’m not much of a Christian music fan, but I could enjoy you play that sax for God all week.’ It relates to me shining the light for others so God will be glorified.” – Luke Ciminelli


“Being able to share our food with the neighbors of our resident and getting hugs from our resident.” – Sarah Bissell

“How our resident gradually became more comfortable with us and in the end was very grateful.” – Keelie Baumer


“My favorite God-sighting of the week was our resident and how each day our resident would be more interactive with us. On the first day he just said hello and opened the garage door, but after a while during the week he came out of the house more and more.” – Paul Gettman

“My God-sighting is that I found out who my true friends are.” – Pat Fretthold.

“When Patrick had the courage to go up and share his amazing God-sighting with the whole workcamp audience.” – Gina Boccolucci (and many others!)20130801-071901.jpg



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