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What Do You Stand For – Reflections: Theme

As you’ve figured out if you’ve been following this blog the past couple weeks, the them for our Workcamp Trip was “What Do You Stand For?”  It was a great week of service, but also a week of sorting through what we believe in and what we are willing to stand for in life.  Here are a few Workcampers’ reflections on what they learned about/through this theme:

“I know that I stood for God and my family before I got here, but those are easy.  One this trip, I learned that I need to stand for MYSELF.  Also this week I learned that I need to stand for service and I need to serve others all the time.” – Alex Hartnett

“I learned that despite fears and doubts, I need to stand up for what I believe in.  No matter what the circumstances. I also learned that God will be with me always. I knew this already but this week just reiterated it.” – Megan Cheyne (adult leader)

“‘What Do You Stand For?’ was a perfect theme for me I think.  Throughout the week we got different questions to think about. These questions like ‘Why do you doubt?’ and ‘Why do you fear?’ really stood out to me.  I think in tough situations it’s hard for me to believe sometimes.  There’s always the fear of if God will answer my prayers…. fear for ‘what’s next.’. I think this week I was able to push everything aside and trust in God.  I stand for trust.  Trust in God and trust in myself.” – Sydny Hoffman

“I learned that there are some things I wish I could say I stand for, but I really don’t.  This week gave me the courage and reassurance I need to actually start standing for those things despite what others may think.” – Rebekah Freed (adult leader)

“I stand for shining the light.  I learned that it’s easier to draw people towards God if I shine His light as opposed to simply talking about His light.” – Luke Ciminelli


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