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Workcamp 2013 Reflections: Monday’s Theme

The question we explored on Monday of Workcamp was “What do you want me to do for you?”  Through our morning program, lunch-time crew devotions, evening program, and night-time youth group devotions we looked at this question that Jesus asked Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52.   A few of the participants listed this as their favorite of the daily themes.  Here’s what they said.

“What do you want me to do for you?” was my favorite theme because we should be the ones asking God for what He wants us to do for him!  He does so much for me in my life that I realized how lucky I really have it.” – Keelie Baumer

“This was my favorite theme because it reminded me that God not only looks after our needs but our desires as well.  He didn’t say “What do you NEED me to do for you?”  and Bartimaeus didn’t respond, “I NEED to see.”  He said, “I want to see”.  I’m excited to be challenged to come more to God with my desires as well as my needs and trust Him to provide what He sees best.” – Rebekah Freed (adult leader)

At the end of Monday’s evening program, we had a chance to shape a paperclip into a symbol of something that we wanted Jesus to do for us.  Some of our requests he answered even during the week, others will take time, and still others may be answered in a way completely different than we desire or imagine, but as we gave our paperclips in offering to God, many of us took one step closer on our journey to completely trusting God!

1 thought on “Workcamp 2013 Reflections: Monday’s Theme”

  1. Way to get these kids thinking! I love the insights you’re getting. You are doing a great job with them. Keep up the good work and the good posts!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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