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Workcamp 2013 Reflections: Wednesday’s Theme

WC Wednesday This weekend at First Trinity, the 2013 Workcampers will share a little about their workcamp experience and lead worship on the theme of “What Do You Stand For?” As we head into that time, the next few days will have some more of their reflections from the week.  Here are some from Wednesday’s Workcamp theme, “Why Do You Doubt?”


“My favorite daily theme was the question dealing with doubt.  I relearned that God has a plan and the rough parts are still part of that plan.” – Sarah Bissell

“Humans rely on themselves but aren’t perfect so our failures make us doubt others.” – Abbie Stone

“My favorite daily theme was ‘Why Do You Doubt?’ because recently I have doubted and I know that I’ve questioned God, but this helped me learned that this is His plan that is in store for me.” – Paul Gettman

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