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Workcamp 2013 Reflections: Thursday’s Theme

WC thurs slide 2013 Thursday’s theme at Workcamp was “Do You Want to Get Well?”  When we read about the encounter Jesus had in which he asked this question, it seems like a crazy question.  Why WOULDN’T someone want to get well.  But, as we discovered at workcamp, sometimes the hurt we hold onto is just so deep, or has been there so long, that we can’t even imagine our lives with out it.  It is a reasonable question and one that Jesus often asks us today.  As he does, he is ready and willing to provide the healing we need.  Here are some of the thoughts students had about this day at workcamp:

“…this targets everybody in a powerful way.  This has impacted me in a very strong way, pushed me to strong emotion.” – Kadar Thompson

“My favorite daily theme this week was ‘Do you want to get well?’  This question made me look at my life and how god was a part of it.  This question also made me think about how i want to live the rest of my life.” – Alex Hartnett

“Everyone wants to get well.  It just depends on whether or not the risk seems worth it.” – Jacob Collins

“Do You Want to Get Well?” was my favorite because I feel like I am actually healing.  Not to carry my burden by myself has made me calmer.”  – Madison Sackett

“That theme made me think of my own life.  It already impacted me because I learned to trust God.” – Emma Pedersen

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