Worship {Five Minute Friday}

A teammate and I were talking today about blogs.  I expressed my frustration with myself for not being too consistent on here anymore.  So, tonight when I stumbled upon THIS post while catching up on some reading, I decided why not? It’s five minutes.  Surely I can find five minutes on a Friday to write a quick post.   Here’s how it works:

The woman who started “Five Minute Fridays” posts a theme each Friday morning.
At some point during the day hundreds of people write for five minutes about that topic.  No more. No less. Exactly five minutes.  No editing. No perfection.  Just five minutes of what comes to mind.
Then when you link up your own post, you simply read the one before you and comment on it.

So I’m not promising anything about more consistent blogging or that I’ll join every Friday.  But at least for today, here’s my “Five Minute Friday” on today’s topic… “Worship”



The dance between His grace and my praise. Him giving. Me returning. Unsure who is the guest and who is the host.

Lost in His power, His strength, and His might.  Giving my all, yet often feeling I have nothing to give.

Worship at church, at play, at home.  Worship in joy, in tears, in pain.  Worship with others. Worship alone.

Worship when the world tries to get you to do anything but give Him the praise He deserves.  Worshiping the One who really is worth it, not the other things around that beg for my attention or tell me they can prove my worth.  The things that beg for my attention and my time.  Forgive me Lord, for I often “worship” those things more than you.

Teach me to worship.  Worship with heart. Worship with mind. Worship with soul, and yet still something deeper. I want to worship with all that I am yet often end up giving You what’s leftover.

Teach me to worship.  Teach me this dance.  Teach me of grace, of praise, of You.  Because if I really know you, I won’t be able to help but ….


3 thoughts on “Worship {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. I’m visiting from FMF. Glad you decided to give it a go. The “it’s only five minutes” caught me too. Now, it’s my Friday plan. 😀 For now.
    Your word picture of worship as a dance is beautiful. When I think of dancing, I think of how I am not a good follower. Dance alone, fine. Follow another’s lead, not so much. If I think of following His lead in the dance of worship, that sounds right. So often, I think of worship as a choice of mine rather than a following His lead. I think I know the “moves,” but I need him to teach me. AND, I need to follow. Thanks for writing this. Now I need to go “dance.”

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