God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday

A FEW of the MANY ways I witness God at work in the last week:

  • Standing at the back of the sanctuary at the beginning of worship services last weekend and noticing the ways the kids were worshiping. Kids singing, kids clapping, kids putting money in the offering, kids standing on parents laps to be able to see God at work making a baby His own through baptism.
  • Hearing this song on the radio multiple times in a few days (and I don’t drive much)… magnified by the fact that a lot of my devotion times lately have been about words and using them to encourage and build up, to communicate grace, and to speak words that make souls stronger.
  • Seeing His creativity and sense of humor at the zoo.
  • Protection and provision for a teammate who fell at work this week.
  • Encouragement from friends through texts and emails.
  • Awesome teammates.
  • Jesus being tender with my doubts.
  • Multiple medical test results for family and friends returned with good news, God’s comfort, or both.
  • Little kids giggling 🙂
  • Music.
  • Time with a couple of amazing women to share ice cream and life.
  • God’s Word meeting me right where I’m at.

Thank you God for showing up every day! In the big things and the small things… you are there. Open my eyes to see more of you!


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