BASECAMP 101 {High School Ministry}

photoWe’re starting a brand new program for High School Students on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. and the kick off is THIS SUNDAY at 10 am!!!

According to here’s the definition of a ‘base camp’:

a main encampment providing supplies, shelter, and communications for persons engaged in wide-ranging activities, as exploring, reconnaissance, hunting, or mountain climbing.

With that definition in mind, here’s how one might describe BASECAMP at First Trinity:

a space providing encouragement, tools, and connections with other Christians for high school students engaged in the adventure of knowing God more and living their lives as His sons and daughters

Each week we’ll have opportunities to worship together, laugh together, pray together, play together, serve together, study together, and simply walk through life together.  Pray for us as we kick off our first series called “BASECAMP 101” summarized below.

Series: BASECAMP 101

Series Summary – In addition to an introduction what BASECAMP even is, BASECAMP 101 will help students understand the basics necessary for a walk with God and the importance of depending on God’s Word, prayer, and each other as they go through everyday life.

Week 1 – The Original BASECAMP
Week 2 – Don’t Climb Alone
Week 3 – You Need the Right Gear
Week 4 – Obstacles Along the Way
Week 5 – Start Climbing!

Watch each week for descriptions of what we’re learning in BASECAMP and the adventures God takes us on through life!

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