BASECAMP, Crossroads

You Need The Right Gear {BaseCamp – 101 Series}

If you’re going to go mountain climbing; you need the right gear.

The same is true for our life in Christ.  To grow closer to Jesus, you have to have the right tools for the job.  While God uses MANY things to help us along the way, three of the most important ones I can think of are: God’s Word, Prayer, and Other Christians.  Last week in BaseCamp on Sunday morning with the High Schoolers we talked about the third one, other people.  It is important to not “climb alone” that we dedicated a whole week just to that!  God has placed others around us to help us along the walk, to encourage us when we’re down, and to remind us how to trust and follow God.

This week we’ll be looking at the other two: how God’s Word and Prayer are two of essential tools in growing closer to God.  God’s Word is how we hear from God.  It is alive and active; being attentive to His Word each day is one way he draws us closer to Himself.  As we go through this Circle Maker study at First Trinity, I’m also enjoying a fresh perspective on prayer.  One of the biggest things I’m re-learning about prayer lately, is it’s power to change us.

There are some things in my life that I’ve almost been “afraid” (for lack of a better term) to pray simply just because I wasn’t 100% sure that was actually what God wanted.  I thought maybe it was a good thing and maybe God wants it, but I don’t know for sure and so it was almost as if I was so fearful that I didn’t have the prayers “just right” that I just refused to pray them at all.

But then, through God’s Word, I was reminded of the truth that prayer isn’t about “having it right” but rather, being in relationship with God.  By ignoring these prayers all together, I was missing the opportunity to let God reshape some of these prayers into things that really are 100% His desires.  It’s only been a week since some of these discoveries and I can’t wait to see how God continues to shape and form these prayers in me to be things that bring Him glory.  None of that could have ever happened if I continued to ignore these prayers.  Prayer combined with God’s Word are some powerful tools to climb through this life.

As I think about the times when I facilitate the high ropes course, I stress again and again the importance to the climbers to communicate with their belay team before and all through their climbs.  As the facilitator I know some tricks having done it before.  I know what things are in place to keep them safe and having fun.  I would never start climbing the tower without communicating with my belay team; why would it be any different with my Heavenly belay, God?

How have you seen God’s Word and prayer as crucial tools or gear as you climb through life?

What obstacles sometimes keep you from keeping those tools at hand?

What other “gear” has God given you to help you through the journey?



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