Dream Big

As we continue through the Circle Maker journey at First Trinity, I find myself more and more excited about how it seems to be a thread connecting many areas of my life. God is doing some cool things in, through, and around me right now. While they are not the result of The Circle Maker, some of the things we’ve been learning there seem to put into words some of what I see God doing.

One area I see this is in the HUGE needs I see everyday. From people in need of knowing Jesus love to family members in need of healing. From people searching aimlessly for some meaning and purpose to the people wandering aimlessly praying and hoping to find their next meal or a warm place of shelter for the night.

These needs, are big. Our God, is bigger.

As I get excited about some dreams I see God planting and growing in my heart and others around me (which I hope to share soon), I can’t stop thinking of this song.  It seems to be a perfect fit with this week’s Circle Maker theme, “Dream Big!”
(If you’re viewing this in a blog reader, you may need to click to the actual website in order to see the video.)

What are your big dreams?  What things in your life are so big that they’re destined to failure without God? If we really think about it, I think we’d realize that even the seemingly “small” things truly are BIG in that definition!


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