Crossroads, School of the Week

Amherst Central! {School of the Week}

This week I’m kicking off a “school of the week” program connected with our High school ministry.  Each week I’ll highlight one high school and our students that go to that school!  I’ll spend the week praying specifically for that school, it’s students, teachers, and administrators, as well as the families of our students that attend there.  Whenever possible, I hope to “represent” the school on Thursday by wearing school colors, or even better a school t-shirt if I can find it. First up:


Fast Facts:

  • About 825 Students
  • Founded in 1933
  • Mascot: Tigers
  • Colors: Orange and Black


  • Pray for all the students of Amherst Central, but especially our First Trinity students: Gina, Jane, Claire, Aly, Stephanie, and Elizabeth. Ask God to walk with them each day and give them opportunities to live out their faith at school.
  • Pray for their administrators especially Mr. Gregory Pigeon, their principal, that they would have wisdom in their leadership
  • Pray for the special events they have this week connected with homecoming. Pray that the students would be safe and have lots of fun through the festivities.  Ask to God give students wisdom and courage in making decisions.





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