The Exodus Road

“What Makes Someone Valuable?” {The Exodus Road}

“If we have hands like God and arms like Christ
We’d reach far we’d take each scar
And we’d never measure the length
We’d never hesitate
We’d never take the time to just think about it and wait
We’d stretch so far we’d have stretch marks of faith

Some people don’t even know there is a possibility to be saved
Because they don’t know what we know
That love isn’t something you pay for
Lust isn’t something you pay for
Sex isn’t something you pay for
Sin is something you pay for
And that price has already been paid for
With the blood of a Savior
Whose arms stretch so far they stretch through time
With limitless
Grace…”  – Hosanna Wong

Please hear the whole poem in the video below.  Take 6 minutes from your day and watch it.  Watch it and consider what it means for you to “reach far” and “take each scar” without hesitation.  Consider what you can do to set people free, whether across the world in India or your friends down the street who need to hear the truth of Christ’s relentless, restoring, grace.   While you may not be able to enter brothels and tear down walls for freedom, can you pray for or financially support those that can and are? Can you learn about and advocate for organizations working to set people free in your own town?  Can you use Facebook or Twitter  to share the needs and successes of organizations like The Exodus Road?
Who can YOU set free today simply by letting them know that they are beautiful, they are valuable, they are worth fighting for.


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