BASECAMP, Crossroads, First Trinity

Worship Fully – Advent Conspiracy {BaseCamp}

To go in line with the congregation-wide Advent Conspiracy (AC), the high schoolers are exploring the AC themes on Sunday mornings during Education Hour as well:

  • Worship Fully
  • Spend Less
  • Give More
  • Love All

In describing and defining worship, one of the videos we watched last week said this:

“We look at God and place him above all else. Because He is Worth it”

I love this definition!  As we wrapped up our time together, the high schoolers came up with practical ways we could do that throughout the week… to look at God more and/or to put him above all else.
Here were their awesome suggestions.

  • Having little reminders of God on your phone (text messages, or wallpaper backgrounds)
  • As you are brushing your teeth, use that as a reminder to pray for someone
  • Daily Bible reading and prayer
  • Listen to worship music each day in addition to or instead of other music
  • During prayer, spend time specifically to thank and praise God not just ask for things
  • Set aside time for him – take one of the time during the day you’d spend on Facebook or texting and intentionally spend it with God instead.
  • Anything you do, do it to your best ability as a way to glorify God

What about you? How would you define worship?  What are ways this week you can put God first and look to Him more?

In the midst of the busy Christmas season, stop and take time to Worship Fully.


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